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Shenzhen Merchiston International School (MIS) has entered into a deep cooperation with the Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School (referred to as Wong Kam Fai School), joining hands to upgrade the original MIS Shekou campus into the Shenzhen Merchiston Qianhai Campus for Hong Kong and Macau students.

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As the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area progresses, the geographical proximity, cultural affinity, and close relationships between Shenzhen and Hong Kong are paving the way for a new era of joint development. This has attracted an increasing number of young people from Hong Kong and Macau to cross the Shenzhen River, moving north to pursue their dreams in the Bay Area. Against this backdrop, to better support the high-quality development of Hong Kong and Macau compatriots in Shenzhen and meet the demand for high-quality international education for their children, MIS and Wong Kam Fai School have become sister schools engaged in deep academic collaboration. The upgrade of the original MIS Shekou Primary School to the Qianhai Campus for Hong Kong and Macau students marks the beginning of substantive cooperation. In the future, the two schools will engage in more collaborations in curriculum innovation, teacher-student exchanges, and research in future education.

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The upgraded MIS Qianhai Campus for Hong Kong and Macau students will adhere to Shenzhen’s “Strong City through Education” strategy, upholding the educational philosophy of “academic excellence and warmth.” The school will fully integrate the educational experiences of both MIS and Wong Kam Fai School. The school features immersive all-English instruction, 15-student small class sizes, a five-and-a-half-day enhanced learning system, and special after-school enrichment classes. Multilingual education, as a pathway to becoming global citizens, will include after-school enhancement classes in languages such as Spanish, French, and Korean, laying a solid foundation for students to grow into global citizens.

In the fall of 2024, the school will offer 100 slots for children aged 4-11 who are residents of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, foreign nationals, overseas Chinese, and returnees working in the Qianhai Cooperation Zone. Enrollment is currently open.

As a result of this collaboration, MIS and Wong Kam Fai School are committed to promoting the holistic development of students and further integrating and innovating basic education between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, aiming to create a model of educational cooperation. The campus will leverage the rich international educational resources of both schools, regularly inviting international education experts, scholars, and industry leaders to host lectures and exchange activities, providing students with opportunities to engage closely with global elites.

The depth of cooperation between the two schools is also evident in their faculty arrangements. Dr. Benjamin Chan Wai Kai, MH, the Chief Principal of Wong Kam Fai School, will serve as the Vice Chairman of the Academic Committee and Honorary Principal of MIS’s Lighthouse International Education Group. Principal Ms. Claudia Liu Wing Ki of the Wong Kam Fai School Secondary Section will be the Advisory Principal of the MIS Qianhai Campus for Hong Kong and Macau students, while Priscila, Principal of MIS Primary School, will serve as the Executive Principal of the Qianhai Campus, with a renowned primary school principal from Hong Kong acting as the Executive Principal.

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Under their joint leadership, Wong Kam Fai School will recommend experienced and authoritative Hong Kong curriculum teachers to merge with the original MIS Shekou campus faculty, forming a core team at the Qianhai Campus. This first-class professional teaching team will organically integrate the strengths of the Hong Kong and British curricula, transforming the MIS Shekou Campus for Hong Kong and Macau students into a “magical” school that inherits Chinese cultural heritage, possesses a solid foundation in Chinese, and combines international qualities and academic standards, earning high societal expectations.

With the accelerated interconnectivity and favorable policies in the Greater Bay Area, the establishment of the MIS Qianhai Campus for Hong Kong and Macau students is not only a beneficial exploration of integrated and innovative development in basic education within the Greater Bay Area but also further promotes the integration, connectivity, and sharing of basic education between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, contributing to Shenzhen’s efforts to become a hub of international, innovative education.




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