冰雪奇遇记冬令营,彼一米小“米”辣勇闯哈尔滨 I BeeMee Harbin Ice And Snow Winter Camp

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Listen to the bells ringing under the dome of the Sofia Church

Ride in the snow and have a snowball fight

Have fun swaying to the Northeastern rice-planting songs

Start a snowy carnival in the snow mushrooms

Ride a horse-drawn plough along the Russian-Chinese border


Come on, let the children embark on a dream journey

Experience the wonders of the Kingdom of Ice and Snow with your dreams

Let your dreams blossom in the fairy tale world wrapped in silver!


BeeMee "Little Chilli Mi" Dares to Venture Into Harbin


In 2024, the most talked-about winter camp resorts are undoubtedly found in Harbin. The topic of the "Southern 'small potato' bravely facing Harbin's winter" is frequently trending on hot searches. The city boasts an unprecedented snow and ice feast with thousands of ice sculptures, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. Exotic buildings fill the landscape, showcasing the boldness of the northeast people. Both online and offline, many people are expressing their desire to visit this northern city of ice. Particularly, children from the South, who always harbor an endless longing for snow, are captivated by the allure of Harbin.


This is known as the "Oriental Small Paris," the "City of Churches," and the "Capital of Music" – Harbin. Harbin offers 10,000 reasons for people to visit from Hunan province. Following in the footsteps of "Guangxi sugar oranges" and "Yunnan wild mushrooms," we, in Changsha, Hunan Province, are not willing to lag behind. On January 13, BeeMee, in collaboration with the original Wild Explore Learning, organized a high-specification six-day and five-night ice and snow winter camp. BeeMee "Little Chilli Mi" embarked on a journey to break into Harbin, capturing the attention of national netizens and receiving enthusiastic care from the iron sons of the northeast. This marks the first trip to unlock the year 2024!


This is not merely a journey but also a delightful adventure of growth, transforming the "little chilli mi" dreams of the children from mere anticipation into a beautiful reality in this silver and white world. Amidst the blue sky and white snow, the "little chilli mi" not only reap a period of joyful, persistent, and challenging growth but also create an indelible memory of ice and snow.


Six Trip Objectives and Takeaways



Immerse in the Ice and Snow Culture


During the trip, the "little chilli mi" visited famous attractions like the Ice and Snow World to delve into the rich ice and snow culture, gaining insights into Harbin's distinctive natural scenery and cultural traditions. Embark on a thrilling ski adventure in Yabuli, where children can enjoy the exhilarating experience of sledding—gliding smoothly against the wind, building snowmen, engaging in snowball fights, and unleashing their adventurous spirit.


Step into China Snow Country National Forest Park and embark on a journey through the snowy countryside, immersing yourself in the expansive snow fields. Explore the profound mysteries of snow and experience the unique rhythm of ice and snow. BeeMee "little chilli mi" can also enjoy a variety of snow and ice activities, including skiing and snow ploughing. Each activity is filled with both fun and challenges, providing an exciting and memorable winter experience.


Exploring the Ice Ling Valley Scenic Spot, reveling in the freezing fog and icicles, and witnessing the jade-like trees and flowers, the "little chilli mi" found themselves immersed in the enchanting mystery and beauty of the ice and snow world.



Getting Close to Nature


We visited the Yabuli Panda House, establishing close contact with the animals and participating in feeding activities. This allowed the "little chilli mi" to form a deep connection between their hearts, souls, and nature.


Exploring the Northeast Tiger Forest Park, witnessing the magnificent Northeast tiger group, observing the living conditions of Northeast tigers up close, and gaining insights into their habits and ecological behaviors. This experience guides the ecological sentiments of "little chilli mi", instilling values of respect and protection towards nature. It serves as a profound ecological education and cultural experience.



Explore Human History


During the dumpling battle, we presented these intriguing stories of the Eight Monsters of Northeast China to our "little chilli mi". There are many mysterious and captivating tales in the folklore of Northeast China, and one of the most renowned is the "Eight Monsters of Northeast China." Each story embodies the deep folk culture of the Northeast, revealing the humour and wisdom of the local people.


Horse-drawn ploughs, bandits robbing relatives, Weihuzhai – "little chilli mi" had the opportunity to appreciate the ancient mountain fortress style and architectural design, gaining insight into the humanities, history, and culture of Weihuzhai. Close encounters with Weihu Hall and Tiger Hill's four two eight columns allowed them to feel the changing tides of the bandit era. During the activity, historical scenes were vividly restored, providing "little chilli mi" with a firsthand experience of the lifestyle and atmosphere of that era. This not only offered an interesting and immersive experience but also facilitated a profound understanding of traditional Chinese culture.


Strolling along Harbin's City Central Street, "little chilli mi" embarked on a modern journey, appreciating the European-style architecture and immersing themselves in a vibrant contemporary atmosphere. Admiring the historic Flood Control Memorial Tower, they gained insights into Harbin's urban development history and the narrative of flood control. Experiencing the perfect blend of art and nature in Stalin Park, with its sculptures and artworks, added an extra layer of appreciation to their exploration.



Expand Technological Horizons


Visiting the double first-class universities in China, we embarked on an in-depth tour of the esteemed Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) and engaged in face-to-face communication with the university's academic leaders. Our journey included an exploration of the mysteries of the universe at the Space Museum of Harbin Institute of Technology. Through professional explanations and observations of hundreds of precious exhibits, "little chilli mi" gained a multi-perspective understanding of the developmental history of the human space industry. In the science classroom, we delved into the exploration of the mysteries of sound, seeking to comprehend how sound is generated, how it propagates in the air, and the relationship between sound waves and frequency. This special journey was replete with an academic atmosphere and cultural exchange, aimed at expanding the children's technological horizons and providing valuable insights.



Enhancement of Psychological Quality


In this winter camp, we introduced challenging projects that included hiking to measure the forest and snow plains. Through this adventure, participants had the unique opportunity for unexpected encounters with cedars, snow birds, snowdrops, and rare snow birds, allowing them to gain insight into the ecosystem and natural history of these elements. This experience aimed to evoke a deep appreciation for the magnificence and mystery of nature. The hiking process is not only an exploration of the environment but also a means to enhance the "little chilli mi" determination and psychological resilience. It serves as a platform to cultivate a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, fostering personal growth and resilience in the face of challenges.



Improve Safety Awareness


The safety education during the six consecutive days of the winter camp helped "little chilli mi" raise their safety awareness. They learned how to protect themselves in snowy and icy conditions, fostering self-reliance and the ability to handle their own lives when away from parental care. The study tours enable them to acquire self-care, collaboration, and problem-solving skills - lessons that are valuable and cannot be learned in the classroom.


Although leaving Harbin Ice and Snow World, the "little chilli mi" qualities of bravery, self-confidence, and fearlessness of difficulties deeply inspired us, giving us a sense of the children's growth. Treating everything as a teacher and the world as a teaching material, they witnessed the magnificent beauty of nature, experienced the depth of history, understood the diversity of different cultures, and underwent a process of harvest and growth. This journey allowed the "little chilli mi" to see themselves and the broader world within the vast pages of the world's big book!

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