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IEduChina is a comprehensive international education portal. It is not only the main source of major search engines for international education information and an important provider of international education information content for major domestic and foreign mainstream media, but also provides consulting services for families who need international education. Now it has more than 5 million reader members, 90% of whom are parents, students, teachers and educators of high-level schools who care about international education.

As a large-scale comprehensive portal for international education, IEduChina has become a unique and influential service platform in the international education industry, bringing together nearly 2,000 K12 international kindergartens, international primary schools, international high schools and other international schools in China and overseas. It has good relationships with more than 300 well-known international schools.

IEduChina has set up an education center and a curriculum center, which provide parents and children with a full set of VIP consulting services for school selection and the pure K12 international curriculum training and guidance.

IEduChina Education Center serves families who seek elite education for their children. It not only provides a full set of K12 famous international school admissions, transfers, offsite school selection, preparation for entrance exams and other one-stop VIP international school admissions services, but also has a project to guarantee students to enter the top 20 universities in the world, which help children to show themselves at the global stage.

IEduChina Learning Center focuses on the personal growth and personality development of young people aged from 3 to 18, providing full-stage, multi-dimensional, international educational resources. Meanwhile, providing parents' educaional workshops is aiming on a better guidance for understanding international education as well as building the confidence on child's life navigating. Since its establishment in 2017, it has always focused on K12 education. In order to allow children to enter the stage of national and even world-renowned schools, the IEduChina Learning Center integrates global high-end educational resources and provides all-round customisation at all stages of preschool, elementary school, middle school and high school Curriculums. It also integrates high-quality foreign teachers from international schools and experienced bilingual teachers from Chinese returnees, providing a stage for all families and students who are committed to international education to realise their dreams.

We always believe that only with inner power can we speak loudly. IEduChina Learning Center brings together domestic and foreign famous schools and elites from various industries. It is good at discovering and solving problems, constantly solving various problems in the field of international education, optimising the course learning process of famous schools. We are committed to building a professional international curriculum project team in the industry. In order to help more students to shine on the international stage, the IEduChina Learning Center has independently developed a complete set of curriculum systems based on the actual conditions of different prestigious schools to improve students' academic literacy in an all-round way and help them to integrate with the development of the world.

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