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Our campus always echoes with laughter with the start of the new semester. We are glad to welcome EY1 new children to our school. On the first day of school, they held teacher's hand and met with their new friends. Parents were worried if their child can adapt to the new enviroment or miss their families. However, the children were braver than we thought. Let's see Ms. Ellen’s summary of the first two weeks.


Ms. Ellen

EY1 Homeroom teacher


Our first days in ISA have been a great success. EY1 are doing a fantastic job of adjusting to their new school routines. For many of our EY1s this is the first time they have been in a ‘big’ school and over the first few weeks we will learn and become familiar with classroom and school routines, and expectations. The early years are a significant time in the life of a child and his or her family. In EY1 we understand how important this experience is for families and we strive to make it a positive experience for all involved. 


The first challenge for EY1 has been to separate happily from their families every morning. Some children have come in very happily and confidently, but some have realised that this is a long term commitment and have shown different emotions. However, with the vast experience of our ISA Tianhe team, parents have been reassured that the youngest children are settling in very well. 


In the classroom various games and activities have quickly engaged the children each morning and helped them to become happier and more confident each day. This has also encouraged children to become explorers by investigating different ways they can approach the classroom activities, playing alongside their new friends and sharing experiences. We have shown great curiosity and also got rather messy when playing with our sensory activities!


For many children this has been the first time they have been in a predominately English speaking environment. EY1 have responded positively to hand/body prompts and signals and are able to communicate using this or by beginning to repeat familiar phrases. We love to sing and dance in class and have thoroughly enjoyed joining in with actions and words to a variety of songs.


 Enjoy the moment 

Over the next few weeks, the focus in EY1 will be to encourage children to become increasingly independent. They will be given more opportunities to try things for themselves and will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own personal needs, such as washing their hands, eating by themselves and putting their own shoes on.


Well done EY1 for a positive start to your new school journey!



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