Orientation Camp


In the evening of August 20th, basking in the brilliant sunset, I stepped into Hongrun Boyuan and was once again attracted by its scenery and style.  The hot summer breezes blew on my face, creating various dreams in the middle of summer.

21 日上午,上海宏润博源学校2021国际课程体验营正式开营啦!持续七天的“体验营”是所有新生必须要参与的项目,为的是在正式开学之前,所有新生可以熟悉校园,老师,课程体系并且熟悉彼此,建立友谊,以便开学后顺利融入和过渡。

On the morning of 21st, the “2021 SHBS Orientation Camp” officially started! The 7-day “orientation camp” is a mandatory program intended for all new students to get familiar with the campus, teachers, curriculum system, and each other, and establish friendships to facilitate the smooth integration and transition before the new semester starts.






The opening ceremony of the camp was co-hosted by Ms. Helen Miao and Mr. Tony Wang from the Students’ Affairs Office. They both extended a warm welcome to the new students, reviewed how the seniors had grown from the very day when they joined the orientation camp, and expressed what they expected of those who were present.

Christopher Moses校长的讲话,非常亲切。他借用给人带来愉悦的“冰淇淋”来比喻自己的存在是为了给同学们服务,让同学们在宏润博源这个大家庭里感受到快乐,感受到被支持。希望在新的校园、新的学期、新的起点,大家可以打开自己去探索,去倾听,去提供帮助,去沟通,去寻求帮助!

Christopher Moses, the foreign principal, made a very cordial speech, in which he said his job here was to buy ice cream for everyone. By saying this, he meant his job here was to support everyone so that they would feel happy and supported in this community. He also hoped that everyone would feel free to explore, listen, offer and ask for help, and to communicate with others in the new semester on this new campus.


Hanxiao,Cai, a representative of the returning students, spoke very fluent English on the stage with a prudent and elegant style. He shared with us how he had grown up, what he had come to understand, and what he had gained in SHBS in the past 2 years. He also encouraged us to seize every opportunity provided by the school to develop and improve ourselves. For example, we could begin with running for the election of student leaders for the orientation camp on that evening.


After the opening ceremony, Tony Wang, dean of the student affairs, gave the students a lecture on the consciousness of rules. Here on campus, students can choose either to manage their electronic products by themselves or to entrust the products to deans at the students’ affairs office. Guided by the teachers, those who choose self-management solemnly signed the "electronic products self-management commitment". As citizens of the world, we should all comply with the spirit to act on contract and live up to our word.


On the afternoon of 21st, divided into different groups according to our English levels, all students attended interesting ice-breaking English classes given by 4 foreign teachers.  They made us introduce ourselves to one another in an interesting way, and had us know each other better by playing English games or through teamwork activities. We developed our communicative skills in English in class through teamwork, and we made a lot friends and had a lot fun!


On the evening of 21st, we ran an election for the student leaders for the orientation camp in the auditorium. Those who attended the event were: Helen Miao and Tony Wang, two deans at the students’ affairs office, Irene Ma, the assistant principal, and some homeroom teachers, all students at the orientation camp, some existing students and 21 candidates.


Before the election, Ms Miao gave the opening speech: From the perspective of psychology, she analyzed why people get nervous. It turned out that nervousness is good for us to do things better. Stress is a normal and healthy physiological response. She told stories of challenges, nervousness and gaffes she had experienced, which helped us relax in the fun.


The election campaign officially started at 6:50 p.m.. 21 candidates gave their speeches one by one on the stage. The warm election lasted about an hour and a half in an organized manner. After we voted for the candidates, the election convention came to a successful conclusion. Confidence comes from commitment; success begins with responsibility.  I believe that cultivated by teachers and guided by seniors, we will continue to improve themselves.


I felt so great on the first day of the camp!

文 | 徐灏

翻译 | Dawn Xu

排版 | Jang






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